• All About the Loyalty Track

    Loyalty Rewards Program
    We launched our very own loyalty program in 2021 to very little fanfare. Admittedly, that one is on us. While we believed it to be a solid loyalty...
  • Easy Rose Water Recipe

    Easy Rose Water Recipe
    If you still have roses in the house, and if they haven't wilted by now, don't go thinking about chucking them in the bin just yet. Those blooms ar...
    Posted in Recipes
  • Love Month Candle Pairings

    Love Month Candle Pairings
    Candle Pairings best for February love month nights. Set the mood with our personal favorites!
  • Raison D'etre

    Raison D'etre
    Welcome, I'm glad you're here. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for showing Elemento the love and support only one can dream of as a sm...