A Guide to Scenting Spaces

A Guide to Scenting Spaces

Scenting your spaces cannot be reduced to a simple formula. There is no hard rule either. However, we have crafted this guide to assist you with the basics in elevating the aromatic ambiance of your domain. The right fragrance can make all the difference in creating an environment that fosters productivity and inspiration. It can transform a space, create a mood and enhance our focus.


Purify Your Surroundings

Prior to scenting your space, it doesn’t hurt to air the room out for malodorous smells - perhaps from a recent culinary endeavor? A clean room with good air quality is like a blank canvass for fragrance, and you don’t want to start with a dirty canvass. Consider it an act to reset and start anew with fragrance.


The Appropriate Aroma for Each Space.

The calming effects of floral, woody, and earthy scents are renowned, while the warmth and coziness of sweet, spicy, and gourmand fragrances are widely recognized. Pair the scent with the emotion you wish to feel. Naturally, this implies pairing the scent with the activity that is transpiring in the area. Burning the midnight oil? Consider invigorating citrus fragrances. Selecting the appropriate scent is important.


Align the Fragrance with the Weather

The Philippines typically experiences two distinct seasons - the dry and the wet season. During the sun-kissed days, choose scents that exude a refreshing, breezy feel, bringing the outdoors in. Think earthy, aromatic fragrances that conjure images of verdant gardens or invigorating citrus notes, reminiscent of seaside escapes and chilled lemonades. On cooler days, turn to classic gourmand staples such as vanilla, coffee, and warm chocolate - anything that imparts a sensation of snugness and comfort.


Care for your candles

As the fragrance work its magic on your spaces, it’s important to take care of the worker. Find the right tools to care for your candle. Something as basic as a wick trimmer will ensure a slow but steady burn that will result in effective fragrance diffusion for hours on end.

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