Elemento is a collection of handcrafted goods, created with the intention to inspire and bring beauty to your everyday.


Who We Are

Born out of our founder's love to create worlds, experiences and stories, Elemento brings forth goods that stir the emotions from human experiences of the past, future or what could have been through our line of beautifully scented, artistically designed goods for the body and soul, desktop elements and décor for the home.

Our Fragrances

Personal + Timelessness Over Novelty

We draw inspiration from the emotion of discovering something pleasant and new. The result is a collection of fragrances deemed unconventional yet always loved - and most of the time, surprises with the memory it evokes.

The Elemento Philosophy

We always try to push what a local candle brand can put out. Being overly simplistic does not interest us as we believe visual impact augments the olfactory experience we hope to provide.

We designed our signature Formula aesthetic to be discreet to easily blend in the spaces you hold dear but intruiging enough to spark conversation.