Founder’s Note: March 2023

Founder’s Note: March 2023

A few weeks ago I’ve discovered the Turkish practice of Keyif, or the practice of indulging in activities that serve no practical purpose but to attain a sense of mental satisfaction. In some ways, we found ourselves in such moments but then the joy of creating pulls me back and I’m not complaining.


We’ve been busy working on 3 launches and I’m quite excited to be able to unveil them over the next few months. Without giving too much away, here are some imagery I hope that might pique your interest.



Many of you have come to expect a new collection during this time of year. You won't be disappointed, as our signature line is welcoming four new scents while a couple of others are retiring. We're also introducing new rituals and a way to sample all scents at once. Summer is looking and smelling great!

Inspiration for the upcoming collection


In addition, we're planning to expand our catalog to include reading materials that I find enriching. We've already chosen two titles, but we would love to know which ones you would like to see on our online shelves.


A workshop showing people making candles and blending their fragrances


Our workshop is still very popular — we're now offering private sessions with discounted rates. It's perfect for friends and family to bond over or as a reward for your team for a job well done. They'll appreciate the unique experience and the memories of creating your own scented candle.

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