Earth Day ‘23 as a small business.

Earth Day ‘23 as a small business.

When we sold our first candle, we were thrilled not only that someone appreciated our creation, but also that we are shipping it without using bubble wrap. I remember standing at the courier drop-off center, holding the order in a plain box that was securely stuffed with kraft paper. When the staff member proceeded to wrap the box with bubble wrap, I was mortified. Eventually, I convinced them not to use it, and I signed a waiver in place of the bubble wrap. By signing the waiver, I accepted full responsibility for any damages incurred during transit, but the cost of caring for the planet was worth it.

Since then, we've kept this practice of skipping the bubble wrap. As a small business in our category, we've found small steps to further minimize our carbon footprint that go beyond just eliminating bubble wrap. Here are a few of them:

1. Packaging

We've simplified our packaging by minimizing paper collateral and eliminating packing slips. All the information you need about your order, candle care, and FAQs is available on our website or in your account. You won't need another candle care card.

2. Vessels

Our candle vessels are clear, untinted, and uncoated, making them safe to reuse as drinking glasses or catch-alls for your trinkets.

3. Wax

While there are environmental concerns with the soy farming industry, it's difficult for us as a small business to access alternatives. However, using soy wax is still better than using paraffin. Our vegetable wax burns slower, allowing you to enjoy our candles for longer and reducing the need to buy new ones frequently.

This year's Earth Day marks the 53rd year of reminding us to invest in our planet. Everyone can take small steps, consume less, and reassess where we spend our consumer pesos. As a small business, we're committed to taking achievable steps towards sustainability and doing our part to protect the planet. Thank you for supporting us on this journey!

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