Love Month Candle Pairings

Love Month Candle Pairings

It's almost magical how new experiences reveal themselves the moment you combine two candles together. All you need is a bit of imagination and the possibilities are endless. This month however, calls for combinations that set the mood for love. 

We give you our personal selection of candle pairings to grace your intimate spaces this love month.

Pair No. 1

Pair No. 2

Pair No. 3

Pair No. 4


Great things come in pairs, so they say. This isn't an exception when you're talking about candles, especially when you're planning on setting the mood these February nights. 

Know someone who needs help elevating that Feb 14 night? Feel free to send this over! We're interested to know which pairing is your favorite as well so sound off in our social media pages! 

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