Raison D'etre

Raison D'etre

Welcome, I'm glad you're here.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for showing Elemento the love and support only one can dream of as a small business.

Building a brand that is aligned with what we believe in isn't always easy and we're still learning everyday, constantly reassessing what we're doing to make sure we are on track. Your support and our strong sense of why pushes us a bit closer.

So one might ask, why exactly are we doing all this? 

  • We believe creativity does not concern itself with what others are doing. Instead, it chooses to spread its wings and imagine what could be. It is for this reason our products are created to be something a little more than simple but not too much of one thing. It is for this reason that we create our products with intent, skipping trendy details and choosing design that implores you to imagine and with quality that cannot be compromised.
  • We believe if it's important to you, then you put your heart into it.
  • We believe brands have a responsibility to offer a wonderful experience to customers that goes beyond how well their products perform. 
  • We believe products of small, independent businesses are the new luxury.

Elemento was born to manifest these tenets and we have a strong commitment to abide by it. This is what sets us apart and what feeds our soul. 

 Founder, Creative Chief & Alchemist

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