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Pasko Sa Nayon Holiday Set

Pasko Sa Nayon Holiday Set

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Experience our holiday collection in its entirety with the Pasko Sa Nayon Holiday Set. All three fragrances in one beautifully packaged, ready-to-gift set. A visual story to match the fragrant creations housed within. 

Elemento candles are made using a vegetable wax blend and clean, phthalate-free fragrances infused with essential oils. 


    • 9 oz | Gathered, Banquet and Basilica candles
    • Hand-illustrated sleeve by artist Kris Demetrio
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    Marrying Science and Art

    The Elemento Way

    Only natural and safe vegetable waxes go into crafting each of our candles. The fragrance we use are clean, phthalate-free combination of synthetic and essential oils that strike a balance between potency and quality.