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GROVE Liquid Balm

GROVE Liquid Balm

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Ancient Cedarwood and oakmoss cradling earthy accords you can only experience while deep in the forest. A candle perfect for when you yearn to be amongst trees, tangled in their roots, resting under the canopy. Elemento Liquid Balms are made using a fractionated coconut oil base and clean, phthalate-free fragrances infused with essential oils. Easy to use and carry for the every day outing.


  • MOSS


  • 10ML Clear Roller Bottle
  • Easy Application, Travel-friendly
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil Base, EDP Concentration
  • Elemento Signature Scents
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Simple but Significant

Be ready to Conquer All

Easy to apply, easy to carry and easy to love. Made from natural fractionated coconut oil base and our beloved fragrance — Qualities that make our Liquid Balms a simple yet significant addition to your arsenal of conquering the day.